Tin Pan Alley My name is Joe Kenny, I'm a published songwriter/producer from Co.Waterford, Ireland. I write and produce mostly uptempo pop and pop ballads. They say there's close to half a million songwriters in the world, about a thousand new songs entering the charts each week and less that 1 percent of those songwriters will have a charting single. So with odds like that you'd be crazy not to become a songwriter :-) However, I'm nuts! Nuts about the process of creating music, taking that initial idea and eventually creating something tangible that someone can relate to and enjoy.

I started piano from an early age and gravitated towards guitar in my teens, my musical diet being anything from AC/DC, to Metallica to Randy Rhoads. Even before I could play a single power chord, I was putting songs together. In my early 20's I was really interested in electronic music, loving the energy from bands like The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Leftfield and Orbital. I started writing my own electronic dance music under the name Moody Warrior and signed a licensing deal with MBA music.  In 2002 I was invited to perform a Dave Fanning 2FM (Irish national radio station) session. Mostly everything I wrote for this project was instrumental and I was working independently. Because of this I wanted to put a band together that wrote it's own music, which combined the energy of both rock and electronic music. At that time, Indie pop bands were very popular and they were mixing catchy indie guitar music with synth hooks which I found to be a very interesting mix.

In 2005 I started a band called The Arrangements. We played our first gig in Waterford in a small pub and 2 days later we were support to The Feeling (BRIT award-nominated English pop band) in Whelans in Dublin.  We enjoyed local success in Ireland e.g. NSMA finalists, 2FM 2moro tour, featured in the Irish Coke-iTunes, IMRO tour, Dan Hegarty 2FM session and were picked by the Hotpress magazine to receive a Tisch Video award Mr.Frazier Unfortunately, in late 2007 I lost my lead vocalist/co-writer to emigration and our debut album was put on hold, permanently.

I started writing again, with the aim to record a solo album; however in 2011 I had a change of direction and decided I wanted to combine my love of writing/producing to create pop covers for other artists. It's been said that "a song is a three-minute movie playing to an audience with the attention span of a butterfly." (Barbara Rothstein), so the trick now is stopping them flying away too soon :-)

I am a finalist on the Tin Pan Alley TV series, which will be presented by broadcaster and songwriter Mike Read. Tin Pan Alley is an innovative TV Series which will run on Showbiz TV (Sky 266) from October 2016. Songwriters from the UK and the Republic of Ireland were be able to submit any unpublished song via the Tin Pan Alley web site. These were judged over a six-week period by a panel of eminent judges, comprising of dozens of successful people from across the music industry. From almost 800 songs, the industry judges voted the entries down to 30 songs and now to a final 12 for the TV show. The final six songwriters will receive a Tin Pan Alley publishing deal administered by one of the world’s most successful publishers, Peer Music. The winner will receive the Tin Pan Alley Award for Series One and will fly to Jamaica to spend a few days recording their songs at the world-famous Geejam Studios. Tin Pan Alley TV Show

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